Evernote 5 for Mac

Create an Account / Sign In screen


My first significant project at Evernote was working on the redesign for the Mac client in 2012. This was a complete redesign and included over 100 new features including shortcuts, recent notes, atlas, reminders, and many other improvements to the UI/UX.

*Evernote 5 for Mac was a 2013 Apple Design Award Winner

Tips for first time and existing users

Explore Evernote

When users first launch Evernote, a first-launch experience called Explore Evernote will walk through the basics of using the app. The experience is tailored to match a user’s experience with Evernote.

The goal was to make it easy for a new user to get started without feeling overwhelmed and to teach an existing user about premium features.

Notes organized by location


We created Place Cards by intelligently organizing notes around a location where your notes were created.

Users can click on any card to see the notes in that location. Pan and zoom to see more or fewer notes then click on a flag to see the associated notes. The user can also click the compass icon, to view notes created near their current location.