The Weight of Paper Lifted

You can put nearly anything in it, push one button, and with lightning speed the ScanSnap Evernote Edition scans, senses, and autofiles your photos, receipts, business cards, and documents into your designated Evernote notebooks. You’ll get a simple notification to let you know Evernote has done your filing for you. Watch the video above to see the process from connecting the scanner to your computer to setting up autofiling and scanning different types of documents.


Everyone hates setting up a scanner. We designed this scanner to be different. Install the Evernote-designed software, connect the scanner and we’ll walk you though the simplest, friendliest setup.

It's seriously simple. And nicely designed :)

First Time UX

The scanner recognizes the difference between a document, a receipt, a photo, and a business card, so everything you scan is organized automatically. The user can customize autofiling with specific notebooks and tags for easy searching and syncing.

ScanSnap Manager

Evernote will do a great job recognizing and handling your documents and photos automatically, but if the user wants to manually control file format, color mode, image resolution, wi-fi settings or other options they can do so in a nicely designed toolbar manager.